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What is readwithem? 


Read-With-Em is a personal blog ran by me…Emilia.

Catching up with my rather large TBR (to be read) pile, drinking tea, binge watching tv shows, and just being me. This is my personal blog featuring book reviews, film reviews, personal thoughts, advice, and other interesting topics. In every post, there will be an audio version, in case you don’t want to read everything I write, as if an audiobook- I’m still experimenting with this feature so bear with me, haha.

Go ahead and browse, feel free to ask questions in the comment section of my posts. If you enjoy what I write, be sure to follow me in order to receive email notifications when I post something new!



For book reviews, I will always post a NON-SPOILER review first, and at the bottom of the review, there will be titled when spoilers are ahead. If you want to comment on something related to a spoiler, please state so before commenting.